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Visit Bali Cliff , The Hidden Beach In Bali

Forget Kuta Beach, Sanur, or Nusa Dua when you are on vacation in Bali. There are many other beautiful beach in Bali that you have to explore, one of them is Bali Cliff. the beauty of this beach will certainly give a deep impression. That's because each of beach corner is so beautiful and charming. Distinct natural beauty and tranquility of the beach atmosphere makes fall in love. As the beauty is like a piece of paradise in the corner of Bali.

Bali Cliff called the Green Bowl, because if we look at this beach region from the air, the shape looks like a bowl of water. Bali Cliff is also called the Hidden Beach because the beach is located behind the cliff so it is quite hard to find.

Bali Cliff offers stunning views. Can be seen the white sand that stretches, then that bluish color of the sea and the steep rock walls and tough. For you surfing lovers, Bali Cliff is an appropriate area for testing the courage and adrenaline. Types of waves is a regional classic that has a normal wavelength and the height is quite challenging. Many tourists visit with one of reason want to try surfing spots that available here.

Location of Bali Cliff is hidden behind the cliff, Not many visitors that come here, only the surfers are generally very familiar with this place. To reach the lip of the beach, you have to go down hundreds of steps, that is quite steep. Although the beach is not in the guide book or tourist trips. However, do not worry because the beaches are not far from Denpasar or Kuta, is located in the Bukit Peninsula, between the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Attractions and Pura Uluwatu, so you can visit just a day.

What to do in Bali Cliff:

You can freely explore this beach without being disturbed other guests. In addition to surfing and snorkeling, other activities you can do is swimming, sunbathing, or just lazing on the beach, reading a book. Even to play sand like children also fine to do. The atmosphere of beach are calm and quiet. There was no noise of motor vehicles and peddlers at the beach.

The beach is still natural, perfect if you want to practice yoga or meditation in a peaceful natural setting. Here you can do anything without being intrusive.

Green Bowl Beach rarely publicized in the media, so not many tourists are know of the existence of this beach. However, maybe this is what makes it unique, a wonderful hidden place, where for a moment away from the hustle and bustle of tourist Bali.