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Visit Beautiful Lake Malawi, Africa

In the middle of Africa, Lake Malawi become an oasis of diverse animals and habitats. Freshwater lake that stretches in these three countries have clear blue water, colorful fish as well. Here seemed to dive into a giant aquarium.

Not infrequently the traveler asked the question, whether these lakes or seas? Bright blue eyes catch color in the distance, and the figure of a white sand peeking shyly from the coastal area. Baobab tree that seemed to reverse it often comes in sight. If you are trying to find its end, to just give up, Lake Malawi will not end anything as far as the eye could see.

No wonder the traveler called it the "inland sea". Lake Malawi also called Lake Nyassa stretching across three countries: Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Length is about 580 kilometers by 75 kilometers wide. This lake is the holding Ruhuhu River, the River Shire and Zambezi River sojourn across Mozambique.

Lake Malawi has characteristics identical to the high seas. The water is clear blue and the extraordinary. The surrounding white sandy beaches and gently climbed upon. Large stones to take you on a deeper basis.

In fact, this is the second deepest freshwater lake in Africa. State Government of Mozambique making it one of the biodiversity of freshwater lakes in the world fauna. UNESCO include it as a World Heritage Site.

Swimming in the lake this means you are swimming in a giant aquarium. it is caused by many Cichlids, aka Angel Fish, who loitered in the lake. Angel Fish has a charming combination of body color, shining like the inhabitants of anemone fish in the ocean.

There are two uninhabited islands in the middle of Lake Malawi, Likoma and the Chizumulu. You can swim around the two islands, or just kayaking and water skiing. Another option, there are so central Cape Maclear in Malawi backpacker. At Cape Maclear, you can stay in a beautiful cottage right on the coast of the lake.

Lake Malawi is a blue crystal in the middle of the barren plains of Africa. Plunged into the lake water seemed to swim in a giant freshwater aquarium, surrounded by thousands of colorful fish.

Baobab tree planted in many places. The uppermost branches become perch on wild birds. Lake Malawi is also a habitat for hippos, crocodiles, birds, monkeys also be a permanent resident. If lucky, you can watch eagles snatching fish from the lake surface.