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Visit Beautiful Wineglass Bay At Tasmania, Australia

In Tasmania, Australia, there is a beautiful bay with a shape like a wine glass. Wineglass Bay was already quite popular among tourists, especially for those who love traveling to Australia. Shape and color of the bay has become a powerful magnet for tourists to come.

Being in the National Park on the east coast of the island Freycniet Tasmania, Wineglass Bay is recognized as the best beaches in the world. The bay is surrounded by green hills that are still included in the national park. Departing from the city center, Hobart, takes about 3 hours drive to the Freycinet National Park. Of Freycinet, walking up to the top of the hill to enjoy the beach and see clearly the shape of a wine glass.

If you want to enjoy the beach from a closer distance, we could walk down the hill toward the beach, about 1.5 hours. Even a trip to the beach a bit tiring, but it all paid off when we arrive. Blue sea and fine white sand, the sea breeze blows gently, making sense of calm and comfort. If lucky, we can meet with wallaby on the beach. Wallaby is a kind of kangaroo, with the shape of smaller bodies. Wallaby has been familiar with tourists that play on the beach, so it will not run away when approached by tourists

One of the best spot to enjoy the atmosphere of Wineglass Bay is at the top of Mount Feld that still included in the national park. From up there, you can see land that jutted into the sea, shaped like a glass of wine.

If considered more carefully, the shoreline of this bay is not only restricted with white sand only. There are red and pink granite rocks that surround, forming a beautiful purple color blend with the blue water.

Now, Wineglass Bay became a major tourist icons of Tasmania which must be visited by travelers. Not only domestic tourists, foreign tourists also coming in droves.

Many activities they can do while you're here in addition to enjoying beauty of the beach, including diving, fishing, or just a walk on the beach. Not only that, because of its location within the national park, and surrounded by mountains, tourists can also do mountain biking, bird watching, to rock climbing.