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Visit Golden Horn, Most Beautiful Beach In Croatia

Golden Horn is located in Croatia. This beach is one of Croatia's most famous tourist attractions. Almost every traveler who came to the Golden Horn, mention this beach is the most spectacular in Europe. Imagine, a stretch of white sand that surround the island gradually narrowed down, sticking like a white tongue trying to drink clean blue sea.

Sea at the Golden Horn graded light blue and dark blue, and it is always crystal clear. Start the morning, tourists flocked greet the warmth of the sun, swim in crystal clear sea water nan, as well as perform a variety of activities ranging from jet skis, Scuba Diving, Banana Boat, to Parachute Rides. With its beauty and offer of various sports, the Golden Horn or Zlatni rat attracts tourists from all over the world, who enjoy the sun, the sea and water sports.

Meanwhile, beach volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, and sand play are activities that can be done anywhere. If you're feeling too much sun exposure, walk to the back of the beach. Pine forest not far from the Golden Horn is the right choice for shelter.

The length of this beach is not very impressive, less than 500 meters, and every square meter is usually occupied. The ending of the peninsula is changing all the time influenced by sea streams and wind. There is a board at green zone where you can see pictures of this natural wonder back in time, like one hundred years ago. The beach is very popular during the summer months, so be prepared for it to be busy if you visit.