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5 Best Tourist Attractions In Brisbane, Australia

There are many interesting tourist attractions in Brisbane. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is an attractive small town located on the banks of the Brisbane River. There are many relics of the colonial buildings, while the Brisbane river divides the city center is very fun to be tracked. City beach, promenade on the banks of the river, and the weekend market in the South Bank Parklands are some of the most popular alternatives in the city.

Here are best tourist attractions in Brisbane:

1. Brisbane City Hall

One of Brisbane’s finest buildings and a true landmark of the city, the rectangular City Hall was once the tallest in Brisbane, due to its 91 m (298 ft) high tower. The City Hall faces the King George Square, a popular place for all kind of events in Brisbane. It is a structure that impresses not only by its grandeur, but by its amazingly defined details, as well.

2. Southbank Parklands

One of major attractions in Brisbane is the Southbank Parklands which is the home to 3 other attractions namely: Wheel of Brisbane (15-minute ride on a huge ferris wheel), Streets Beach (man-made beaches and lagoon pools), and South Bank Arbour (horticultural wonder).

3. Brisbane City Botanic Garden

To reach the Brisbane City Botanic Garden was not until 10 or 15 minutes if you walk away from the city center (CBD) or from Roma Street Stations. This place is perfect for those who love a beautiful garden and walk along it on foot or by bicycle. The park is open 24 hours. Interestingly, there are the guides who volunteer to accompany the tourists who toured the park at certain hours (from 11:00 am till 13.00). The tour itself is a mixture of information about the history of this park and also cities around the park. This tour is perfect for those who love the beauty of flora.

4. The Story Bridge

It is one of Brisbane’s most famous landmarks that has 777 meters long bridge. The bridge spans more than 250 meters over the Brisbane River. It was built in the 1930s and nowadays it carries three car lanes in every direction and a shared pedestrian cycle lane. Walking or driving on this bridge offers some of the best sights over downtown of Brisbane.

5. University of Queensland

University of Queensland is one of the historic and highly reputable universities in Brisbane. The university is also unique because of its location on the edge of the Brisbane River and adjacent to the Botanical Garden. Some of the interesting attractions that can be visited here is The Great Court, The UQ Art Museum at James & Mary Amelia Myane Centre, Eleanor Schonell Bridge, the Schonell Theatre & The Lakes & Wordsmiyhs Bookshop. We can reach this place by bus no 412 & 109 or the City Cat

Brisbane offers all the facilities and services that expected of a modern big city, but still maintains a relaxed and quiet life with no traffic jams and pollution. With the diversity of cultures and ethnic backgrounds, Brisbane also offers a high level of personal freedom, which present in a true multi-cultural society. Brisbane People are friendly, fun, and will make you feel like at home.