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5 Major Tourist Attractions In Durban, South Africa

As one of the largest cities in South Africa, Durban has many interesting tourist attractions. Durban has become attractive tourist destinations frequently visited many tourists from various countries. With its location is around the coast, Durban has an interesting beach to visit. The waves were moderate and clear water make the beaches in Durban as a favorite tourist spot in South Africa.

Not only the beach, the city also has many theaters, Durban has the largest playground in Africa, the Ushaka Marine World. In the playground there is an aquarium that is one of the five largest aquariums in the world.

Here are major tourist attractions in Durban:

1. Durban Beaches

Beaches is major tourist attractions in Durban. Favorite Beachs in Durban are Umhlanga Beach, Amanzimtoti, and Ballito Beach. The beauty of the sun, sea and sand is the main attraction of this beach. In addition there Sardini beach, which is much better than the beaches on the mainland of Italy. Water and clean blue sea, sparkling white sand, and the place is still relatively quiet would make anyone uncomfortable to linger at this beach.

2. Golden Mile

Durban's Golden Mile is a string of beaches that are protected from shark attacks by installing nets and lifeguards patrol the alert during the day. This is one of the main tourist attraction in the Durban area with a wide stretch of sand that sparkles. Here you can swim or surf while enjoying a sub-tropical sun and warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

3. Promenade

Promenade stretches along the coast of Durban and it is home to many restaurants, pubs, hotels, shops and world-class aquarium Ushaka Marine World. One of the famous uShaka aquarium was opened to the public in 2004. Here you can enjoy with family entertainment from dolphins using nets or diving with sharks. If you want to visit the aquarium, Ushaka open from 09:00 to 17:00 pm local time.

4. Victoria Indian street market (market streets of India)

Durban has a large Indian population and descended from workers brought by the British to work in the sugar cane fields in the 19th century. Indian street market is a fascinating place bustling with mosques and temples as well as many shops and delicious food.

5. Umgeni River Bird Park

With over 3000 exotic and native birds and four waterfalls, lush vegetation and several endangered species, this bird park is a wonderful place to visit. The park is situated in Durban North, Kwzulu-Natal. The park is open every day from 11:00 to 17:00 local time.