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6 Tourist Attractions In Indonesia For Photography Lovers

Quite often some people purposely traveling to hunting photos. There are sixth destination in Indonesia that is right for photography lovers. Being in the equatorial belt, Indonesia has incredible natural scenery. Starting from the mountains, forests, beaches and lakes has always managed to make fascinated travelers, including the photographer.

6 tourist attractions in Indonesia that is right for photography lovers:

1. Mount Bromo, East Java

Active volcano in Probolinggo, East Java has tremendous charm at sunrise. Pananjakan and surrounding areas become the tourists point of concentration just before morning. With the conditioning of less than 10 degrees Celsius, the tourists including photographers waiting patiently for the coming of the light of the early morning sun.

Step your feet to the top of Mount Bromo and spend time slingshot sand valleys and crater caldera that looks stunning from up there. A temple complex was also visible from a distance, making the scenery more different. Prepare your best shots!

2. Harau Valley, West Sumatra

West Sumatra has the prettiest valleys in Indonesia. Try to come to the Lima Puluh Kota district and see how incredible nature of Indonesia. Harau Valley is a green area enhanced by the surrounding cliffs. Fields, with a green rice plants surrounded by towering cliffs. Several waterfalls were present complement of beauty possessed Harau Valley. Although over there enough hot conditioning, but the water was pretty cold.

3. Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Rinjani is labeled as the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia. Mountain in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara has become one of the climbers mandatory destination. Panorama of green, beautiful lakes and huge caldera become the main attraction area.

Try to spend the morning at the Lake Segara Anak. At the height of 2,000 meters above sea level, the lake presents a magical impression at daybreak. The peak of Mount Rinjani would become the main goal all a traveler here. From there, you can see the top of Mount Agung in Bali, Mount Ijen in Banyuwangi, and Mount Tambora in Sumba. Get ready amazed nature and cameras.

4. Baluran National Park, East Java

Baluran National Park in Situbondo, East Java is often referred to as Africa van Java. The best time enjoy the 'taste' of Africa is during the dry season. There savanna trees begin to turn yellow and begin to molt. Be prepared to get lost in the forest like Africa.

The beauty does not run backwards when the sun began to say good-bye. In fact, Baluran ready to hypnotize you with the night sky. Stars littered the sky with each cluster. Not yet finished, there are thousands of light striking the eyes of the deer relaxing fun along the savanna. Set up a tripod to get the Stargazing views.

5. Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Toba supervolcano eruption in 75 thousand years ago, making North Sumatra as one of the famous tourist destination in the world. From there emerged the Lake Toba, which is the largest lake in Southeast Asia.

When the morning, the atmosphere will be very magical with the mist hanging over the lake surface. Plus the sun is still shining shy. Do not miss the view of the mist that wafted slowly because the presence of the The sun. Nothing is more beautiful than the morning, quiet atmosphere and magical scenery.

6. Labuan Bajo, NTT

West Flores has stunning panoramic views both land and sea. Afternoon sun in Labuan Bajo will make anyone will be amazed. The sky is clean and landscape the small islands surrounding the main island perfecting these natural phenomena.

Komodo National Park also has a nature that is not less hypnotizing. Rinca Island becomes beautiful gems in Komodo National Park for its beautiful landscape. Spend the afternoon in front of the Kalong island, and be prepared stunned when thousands of of bats decorate the sky Flores. Make sure your battery is fully and fairly for the adventurous day. Do not be regret and lose the moment because of running out of battery.