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Best 5 Autumn Tourist Destination In Canada

Canada has the fifth best destination to enjoy autumn. Autumn is can be considered as most beautiful season because this season, not only in green leaves but yellow, orange and brown. The road is covered with fallen leaves and, cool breeze makes you seem to be in a fairy tale. One country that blessed with the best autumn is Canada.

1. Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Temperatures in the Rocky Mountains will be warmer and drier during the month of September and October. The hustle and bustle of summer is over, replaced by calmness typical autumn. The leaves on the trees slowly turning yellow. Wind pull from branches and leaves her on the ground.

Beautiful scenery can be enjoyed along Johnston's Canyon and Tunnel Mountain near Banff. Alternatively, you can also hiking from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes. Brokeback Mountain also has a view of the fall colors are very beautiful. Make sure you record all of the beauty of it in the camera.

2. Niagara Parkway, Ontario

Niagara Parkway is a two way street with incredible views, especially in autumn. Navigating this path by bike or car hood open is the most perfect way to spend a fall getaway in Ontario, Canada. This 55 km long road through several villages which also offers a view that is not less beautiful.

This route recognized its beauty by former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. He said that the route is "The pretties Sunday afternoon drive in the world" which means the experience of traveling the world's most beautiful Sunday afternoon. The most beautiful on this route spans between the small villages in the Queenston and Niagara on the Lake.

3. Algonquin Park, Ontario

Still in Ontario, Algonquin Park will hypnotize you with the beauty of the typical autumn colors. Enjoy the colors of the leaves are falling while walking on the ground like a carpet of red-orange. An area of ​​7.7 square kilometers is one of the most famous in Ontario.

Make sure you enjoy the sensation of walking in the middle of forests. Do not forget to try a picnic on the banks of a lake or river. You can play and enjoy autumn canoe on the waters of the lake Algoquin. The park is only accessible by foot, imagine how clean the air here.

4. Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

Quebec City is known for having a stunning panorama Autumn. Thousands of maple trees are able to make this city a favorite destination in autumn. Try to climb the Laurentian Mountains to get a panoramic view which became one of the most beautiful fall scenery in North America.

Color of the leaves slowly turn yellow in late September and continues until the end of October. One of the activities that can be done here is to take the annual festival in Mont-Tremblant. Every autumn, the village held a festival to celebrate the Symphony of Colours.

5. Prince Edward Island

Island in the east of Quebec City has an unusual sight in the autumn. Rows of trees showing the bright colors and hypnotic. Leaf color blends together making it look like a painting. Spring lasts longer in the Northumberland Strait.

So for those of you a bit late coming to Canada vacation, take a vacation to the area. Why is this island so one of the best options to enjoy autumn, because the forests here are free bear. In addition to bears, the forest on the island is also free the deer so it is included as a safe area for tourists.