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Best 5 Tourist Attractions in Tuscany, Italy

Spend your holiday in Tuscany is the perfect way. Many interesting tourist attractions you can find in Tuscany. The area is full of vineyards, villas and small towns will make you feel like being in a romantic journey. You can stay at the historic villa with the best food, and you can cycle around the vineyards of your choice, and drink the best wines.

Besides being famous in quality of food and wine, Tuscany is famous for its culture. Hill town of Volterra in the Tuscany region save ancient charm, which worthy explored. There you can see the stone buildings that dominate the city views as well as many historic sites along the way.

Tuscany, as the historical center, offers you a variety of interesting attractions. There is a Roman Theatre from the 1st century BC, the ruins excavated in the 1950s. You can also visit the main square Piazza dei Priori, and, Palazzo dei Priori which construction started in 1208 and completed in 1257. Then, there is a Pinacoteca, a kind of art gallery in the Palazzo Minucci-Solaini.

Here are best tourist attractions in Tuscany you must visit:

1. Florence

Florence (Firenze), the capital of Tuscany, is where Master Draftsman and Leonardo Da Vinci spawned great works. City of Florence consists of old buildings that stood magnificent cathedral city of Florence and the surrounding statues masterpiece Michelangelo Buonarroti the strapping looming. Florence has lots of famous churches, monuments, statues and buildings which attract lots of tourists worldwide every years. Santa Croche is a further attractive church in Florence and is often deemed as essentially the most renowned Gothic church in whole Italy. This church is in particular significant for the reason that you could obtain tombs of essentially the most renowned Italian artists like Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo and lots of other people.

2. Volterra

Town of Volterra is neolithic settlement and an important Etruscan center (Velathri or Felathri). In the city, there is a bishop at the 5th century, and his power passed to the 12th century. In addition, there is a tourist destination Volterra Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. In the cathedral, you can see the ciborium (a canopy over the altar in a basilica or church) that display some paintings of angels work Mino da Fiesole. Still inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, there are famous wood deposition in 1228, a Roman statue and the Chapel of the Sacrament, as well as paintings at Tito Santi, Giovanni Balducci, and Agostino Veracini.

3. San Gimignano

San Gimignano famous for the attractive towers. There had been originally 72 towers having a height of 50 meters but only 14 survived. It is as UNESCO world heritage center for its architecture. Seven of San Gimignano’s towers is often identified about Piazza del Duomo. The largest 1 is Torre Grossa having a height of 54 meters and visitors can climb to see the best view of the city.

4. Siena

Siena is also the most visited place in Tuscany and is called as the jewel of Tuscany. This city is usually a medieval hill town surrounded by olive groves, Chianti vineyards and holm-oak woods. The Piazza Del Duomo is the most popular tourist attractions in this city. The Duomo is usually a masterpiece of Romanesque Gothic architecture developed by architect Nicola Pisano. The scenery of this cathedral is impressive and build from white marble of Carrara.

5. Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme is an wonderful location to visit in Tuscany. From this location, you could visit all of the favorite art locations in Tuscany. It is actually a Spa town and nicely identified for its healing waters. It is actually worthwhile to visit Monte Alto, beautiful town on the best of the hill where you may have a scenic view of Montecatini Terme.