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Visit Magnificent Heidelberg Castle, Best Known Tourist Attractions In Germany

Visit to Germany felt incomplete before visit and see the beauty of the Heidelberg Castle. This magnificent palace is a symbol of the history of the country, located in the Neckar Valley. Therefore do not be surprised if the historic building is always be a source of inspiration of the writers, or filmmaker. The Heidelberg Castle is among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps and the castle is visited by many tourists each year - not only because of the beautiful structures and statues, but also a due to the beauty of destruction and its rich history. Whoever the person, when entering the complex, a sense of awe landed directly on our feelings. Stands majestically, in the midst of hedge trees that arranged beautifully.

Heidelberg Castle is one of the many tourist attractions in Germany that best known. In one year, no fewer than two million tourists visit the place. Heidelberg included in the area of ​​Baden Wuerttemberg. To reach the Heidelberg Castle, you must pass 303 steps.

The castle was first founded by the Prince Elector Ruprecht III between the years 1398-1410. Originally, the building was designed as a fortress. By Prince Elector, who ruled the 16th century and into the 17th, the fort was changed to the castle and added two similar buildings inside the palace.

Building castle was built about 600 years ago it was mostly already damaged. There is a stone wall of red brick that has fallen down and go unpunished. Even so, the gate to the courtyard of the castle is still standing strong. Above the gate is written Fridericvs V, a character that controls this castle in 1613 until 1619. Below the name Fridericvs, lettering Elisabetae. Elisabetae is Fridericvs wife. Fredericvs build this gate as her birthday gift. The fence was built in a short time and completed right before the anniversary of his wife.

Things To Do In Heidelberg Castle:

The castle garden
One must see place when visiting Heidelberg Castle is its garden. Visitors can spend hours in the garden and still find hidden beauties. In the garden lies several big grottos on the upper terrace, little benches with their history and several beautiful statues and fountains. The most prominent statue is Father Rhine, symbolizing the most important river of Germany. The statue rests on a stone bed, surround by water. He is not that hard to recognize; there is not too many white statues of a half naked man with a long beard around.

Spectacular view
Standing on the terrace you will find a great view of Heidelberg. From here, visitors can see all the roofs of old Heidelberg city, the maze of its little cobbled streets, the churches and the Neckar River with the Old Bridge.

Wine cellar
Another charming place is the wine cellar. When entering the cellar, visitors get greeted by the cellar master and court jester Perkeo. He works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He is also made of bronze and rather small, but nonetheless welcoming. The cellar also house one of the biggest wine kegs in the world –The Great Vat. It has a capacity of 220,000 liters, or 58,000 gallons, and was long the largest wine barrel in the world. The Great Vat was installed in 1751 with a direct connection by pump to the main banqueting hall. There were never any reports of wine shortage on the Heidelberg Castle banquet.

Elisabeth's Gate
One last mention goes to the triumphal arch known as Elisabeth's Gate, located near the entrance. Tradition says the gate was built in a single night by Prince Elector Friedrich V in 1615 as a birthday present for his English princess, Elisabeth Stuart. The charming little gate was severely weather warn and was partly restored in 1949. The unique pillars are noteworthy with their leaf work and artistic flowered capitols.

You can only visit the interior of the castle as part of a guided tour. English tours are available every day.